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    Kristin Eggleston, LM, CPM, is providing homebirth midwifery services in Prosser, Yakima Valley, Yakima, and Ellensburg.

    Welcome to April Haugen, LM, our new midwife in Ellensburg!  Contact 509-780-3330 for your appointment and midwifery care.

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    Why choose a homebirth?

    It is safe, comfortable, affordable, private, and accompanied by a well-trained midwife.

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    What is a midwife?

    Midwives are trained in the care of healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies. We have experience managing many complications of childbirth and know when to refer moms and babies for medical care.

What is homebirth?

Homebirth is a safe, comfortable, individualized, and cost-effective way to birth your baby.  It merges the wisdom of women's bodies and traditional remedies with evidence-based practice, attentive care, and medical referral when needed.  It is so much more than you think AND so much different than you have experienced.
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Links and Information

Here you will find all kinds of information about maternal and child health, decisions you have about your maternity care, midwifery and homebirth, delayed cord clamping, and many other topics.
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Upcoming Events

Your midwife is on the move with her work at the state level, in your local community, and in her practice.  From Board meetings to booths at local Expos to new Childbirth Ed classes, there's something for you.

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Legislation and Midwifery

WA is a great state for midwifery and we want to keep it that way! Come see how Kristin and our state midwifery organization are helping keep midwifery available and safe for all WA families and how you can help.
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